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VACloudHub aims to revolutionize the hosting industry by offering an unparalleled hosting solution. We have identified the challenges faced by individuals using shared hosting and traditional VPS hosting. With this understanding, we have developed a solution that combines ease of use, affordability, and reliability. For individuals using shared hosting, the performance issues caused by resource sharing can have a negative impact on the website experience.

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Why us?



Explore our platform merging Shared hosting ease with Managed Cloud flexibility and security. Set up servers, apps, DNS settings, and email services effortlessly with a click. Experience seamless integration at your fingertips.



At our platform, we redefine Managed Cloud hosting by providing competitive prices that match traditional Shared hosting. Quality service shouldn’t break the bank. Enjoy premium features at an affordable price for all.


Customer Focus

Customer support is crucial for web hosting. We provide personalized help using AI tools and expert reps, ensuring prompt solutions for all queries.

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Why is performance important

What are the key metrics in website performance?

We ask what makes a website and respectively a business successful.


Performance is key in website hosting. Unlike Shared hosting, Cloud hosting lets you control the number of websites on your server. This tailored approach boosts efficiency and optimizes performance for your site.


Approximately 45% of websites use WordPress, so hosting services must optimize performance for this CMS. We provide customers with personal servers to efficiently support WordPress and other CMS platforms. Enjoy seamless one-click deployment for various CMS options like PrestaShop, Drupal, Joomla, and more to meet diverse website needs.


In today’s digital world, security is vital. Browsers now require SSL certificates for data encryption on all websites. Some even need mandatory https redirects for added protection. Implement extra layers like request filtering to shield against cyber threats and attacks. Stay secure with advanced features to protect your online presence.

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